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Interior Designer, Stylist, Blogger/Writer, Sketcher


Valerie is a creative explorer based in Seattle who has taken her interest in design into an interior design degree, through some professional practice and most recently as a hands-on renovator.


Holistic in approach, she is always asking questions, challenging assumptions (her own included) and diving into new options. “Design is never really done,” has been her approach as she and her intrepid live-in design assistant/laborer (husband) work to restore life to their serviceable, but time-worn Seattle craftsman home.


Inspired by the house’s inherent characteristics she lovingly layers in other elements and styles to create a rich yet approachable retreat.

Valerie is a doer – from design to blogging, building and restoring, traveling and consulting, she keeps her perspectives wide. She believes in reclamation, restoration, and reinvention but is not singularly focused on any one approach. Instead using them as tools at her disposal to find and create moments of joy and delight within a broadly comfortable canvas.

Nominated for BEST NEW BLOG by Design Influencers Conference, 2017.

"... I loved working with you (Valerie) and am so grateful for all of these resources and tips.

-Julie L.

"I've worked with Valerie on several projects for my home and business now and have been very pleased with her responsiveness and creative ideas. Most recently, she helped me come up with a new plan for my home office. She is a good listener and has an excellent design sense. She is also willing to work on both small projects and large."

-Julie M.

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