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A Whistler Weekend

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

I am very fortunate to live only a few hours drive away from the beautiful Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Whistler is a place we have been visiting, with our children, over a span of about fifteen years. We don't go every year and maybe that sporadic frequency is what holds our fascination.

my crew - posing in front of the mountains

This past June was time for another visit to this favored destination. My kids love it so much that our two college aged sons took time off from their summer jobs to join us. We also had a chance to hang out with my oldest son's girlfriend as she agreed to join us for this vacation time.

view of Howe sound - from Summit Lodge

the view from Summit Lodge at the Sea to Sky Gondolas at Squamish, BC, Canada

To reach Whistler by car you travel the scenic Sea to Sky Highway (BC Highway 99) out of Vancouver through Squamish. The highway continues past Whistler, north to Pemberton - a village rich with a logging and potato growing history. There is another way to drive to Whistler, but that is a story for another day. Yes, we took that path but only once!

the steel and wood architecture of a interpretive kiosk at a view point off BC Highway 99

wild daisies on the mountainside

I have traveled this highway many, many times, but I continue to be awestruck by the topography of majestic mountain meeting the glittering ocean and Howe sound. If there is a place to call God's country, I would have to say it is this place.

Although Whistler is know as a world-class ski resort, we don't snow ski (except for one of our kids), but we love the vibe of the place. For those non-skiing types, there is hiking, museums to tour, restaurants and retail shops to visit and shop!

I have visited here both during ski season and during the summer. Whistler Village attracts a lively combination of resort visitors mixed with active sports enthusiast, along with the day-tripping tour buses from Vancouver.

It is an interesting sight to see the extreme mountain bikers, covered in dust and mud, riding down the mountain dressed in their helmets and protective body armor. They take a chairlift or gondola up with their bikes and let gravity help them speed down the mountain tracks. Not your average bike ride, to be sure!

Whistler is a popular destination, attracting people from all over the world as visitors, but also those who work in the tourist industry who want to live this "adventure in your backyard" life. We have met folks from Australia, Ireland, and South Africa.

Sea to Sky Gondolas at Squamish, BC

Sea to Sky Gondolas in Squamish

My favorite excursion this trip was the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish. Once you reach the Summit Lodge you have several options for hiking trails of varying difficulty, crossing a suspension bridge and, of course, food for purchase at the lodge.

The hubby and I with the mountain view

my hubby and I smiling for the camera

Suspension bridge at sea to sky goldona, Squamish

crossing the suspension bridge

The suspension bridge, for a first-timer, felt just a little wobbly, but a fun start to our afternoon of exploring the scenic vistas. Some walk freely across, some hold the cable with one hand, some hold with two!

mountains trees sound

view from The Panorama Trail

This view looking down to Howe Sound was my favorite perch, especially with the huge granite stone to stand upon. It isn't just the view, something about the act of climbing on to this huge chunk of rock adds to the experience.

a topless tree and spectacular view

The next selection of photos are of various trees, dead trees, stumps, and otherwise. It is the asymmetry and texture that fascinates me. I like the quirky in the mundane.

a mountain view along The Panoramic Trail

scroll for alternate view - the hole-y tree

scroll for multiple images - interesting trees and stumps

the teen paparazzi out in full force

looking up to see a beautiful bough frame

1. swamp and vegetation, 2. pine cone and pebbles, 3. bright new growth

the teenagers showing thumbs-up

getting some shade - everyone is all right!

After our hike around the Sea to Sky Gondola summit, we headed back towards Whistler to visit the Brandywine Falls. It was fantastic weather to get everyone outside for an active day we could all enjoy. Mountains, rivers, evergreens, waterfalls - it doesn't get better than this.

waterfall and trees at Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls, near Whistler

train tracks near Brandywine Falls

Rocky hillside and trees at Brandywine Falls

rocky hillside - Brandwine Falls

river flowing to Brandywine Falls

Mountain view from Brandywine Falls

mountain view - Brandywine Falls

tiny flowers - Brandywine Falls

Thanks for reading my latest post! See you next time for some home improvement and decor projects I am working on now.

Until next time, Valerie

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