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Accenting Art with Decor


Art and decor


This week I had a few choices to make about the decor I would use to accent my new art. How easily are you able to choose? Since I like a lot of styles, colors, and materials, making a choice is not always easy for me.

Instant gratification! I already had this set of tall, red glass candle pillars so I grabbed them from another room and placed them on my console table. These candle holders brought out the red in the art and I loved the height; the tall pillar is 21" high. BUT...I didn't want to accentuate the red in my foyer, a-searching I went.

The hunt. My first thought was to find dark wood candle pillars. Unfortunately, that was not such and easy thing to find. Luckily, I found two different sets of glass candle pillars at Pier1 Imports. I brought one of each home to test them out and it was still really difficult to decide.

Final outcome. I am planning to keep the smooth turquoise pillars. they aren't the only possible solution, but the one that works best for me at this point. The color blends well with colors within the art, but will not overpower it.

This whole selection process for me was a reminder that design is a PROCESS. There are an infinite variety of combinations that could work for a space. It takes some time to discover what works the space and, ultimately, what suits my individual preferences. I like to think of the gradual layers of selection lead to a "curated" collection. I imagine the same goes for you...I hope you enjoy your design process!

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