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Adorned for Christmas - Porch | Entry Door

Updated: Nov 25, 2019


Porch/entry door decorated for Christmas with wreath, lights, ornaments, and garland.

Having all four of my children home for Thanksgiving inspired me to get started on our Christmas decorations! I am anticipating a repeat of "all home for the holidays" come December 24. What better place to start than the front door!

I have to admit that in the past few years our attempts at holiday adornment have been minimal, but this year I am determined to create holiday spirit early in December so that I can enjoy the charm for the season and not feel as if I am throwing things together the week before Christmas. I am a "do-er" and I enjoy making and constructing things myself whenever possible.

Another benefit of having our home decorated early is that we are certainly more motivated to invite friends and family into our space. If our place is looking good, it also feels more inviting to guests when they visit, during the holidays, for a dessert or cocktail soiree or a weekend brunch. Our entrance is the first impression we give a visitor so it is a great place to spend a little time and effort!

Holiday wreath using cedar, ribbon, wax myrtle,  hand-crafted ornaments

I decided to give myself the imaginative pleasure of creating my own wreath. I usually purchase a pre-made wreath, but as I mentioned earlier, I am feeling more hands-on this year, so I decided to go the extra mile. I gathered cedar branches, a wire wreath frame, florist wire, recycled ribbon, plus some wax myrtle branches and twigs with red/orange cut from my own back yard.

Wreath, cedar, ribbon, glitter, ornament, front door

The cedar garland is embellished with white lights and hand-crafted ornaments. I had seen an adorable ornament made from old wine corks. I had plenty those sitting in a vase in my kitchen just waiting for a creative use! I got to cutting slices of cork, gluing them together and embellishing with silver glitter. It was just the trick to contrast with and perk up the dark green cedar.

Cedar garland with lights and hand-crafted ornaments

Front door, cedar garland, white lights, glitter, ornaments

Recycled wine cork ornament, glitter, ribbon, white lights, cedar garland

What I love most about the porch garland and wreath project are the ornaments! As I was making the ornaments, I noticed some of the wineries have logos and images on their corks and what fun it was to feature those images in these crafty little trimmings.

I hope you enjoy decorating for the season as much I have!

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