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Creative Resolution for 2017

We are changing gears a bit now, away from the usual design and décor, to focus a bit on creativity in our lives.

On the cusp of 2017, we have likely seen numerous stories and references to New Year’s resolutions. I suppose my resolutions, if I created a list, would be pretty consistent with the norm; losing weight, getting more sleep and exercise, being more organized, but I would have to say that I am not a fan of these kinds of resolutions. I hope to live my life intentionally, but these resolutions seem to highlight what I am doing wrong, my weaknesses or potential failures instead of getting more of what I love and ultimately might be really healthy.

What motivates me are things that I am drawn to or admire. Honestly, many of my wants are to live in creative space – not only my physical home environment, but intellectually and spiritually. Maybe part of the reason that we struggle to maintain our January resolutions is that they become more of a punishment to ourselves rather than motivation towards a fulfilled life of we want. I am not saying we should not exercise more or eat better, but is that effort oriented in a life-giving way? Perhaps declaring that we want to get walking or hiking in nature for peace and physical movement is all we need to get started.

So, I sat with a blank page in my journal and wrote a page about what I thought I wanted. I was intentional in choosing my environment, the living room, Christmas tree lit, enjoying my favorite music and a cup of tea. I mean, if I am going to think hard, why wouldn’t I want to do this in a pleasant setting? If we surround ourselves with a positive environment, the work is more pleasurable.

Equipped with this information about my thoughts, I started a new page in the style of a personal brain dump. I just threw out ideas of things I thought I wanted to do or explore. I came up with about twenty items in a short amount of time. Here are a few examples: sketch, journal, build things, walk, travel, learn to sew, be brave, and invest in healthy relationships with family and friends. These are my ideas and interest, but I realize we will all have unique sets of desires.

Maps are a tool for finding our way to a destination. In a similar fashion, I made my own visual “map” of 2017. Essentially, I am giving myself visual cues to remember my desired path to help me along my intended way.

One thing I am a believer in is that we - as humankind - all possess some type of creativity. Although creativity is often perceived to some to be artistic ability, I think it applies to many different types of activities as well. How we cook, dress ourselves, engage in writing or communication, play an instrument or sing, where we engage nature, all these things are connected to our creatives-selves.

May 2017 be a year exploring our best selves and pursuing life-giving endeavors, sprinkling them in where we are able.

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