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Favorite Things (from a Blogging Conference) that Apply to a Designed Life


I just returned from a quick trip to Los Angeles where I attended the Design Bloggers Conference 2017. When thinking how this blog post could be relevant to you, I came up with a list of my favorite aha moments from the event.


I discovered there are a whole bunch of people out there, like us, who love design and making our spaces beautiful and comfortable. I made some new friends from all over the country and beyond - Dallas, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Indiana, San Francisco – and even a couple of gals from Canada!

Sometimes blogging can be a little lonely and it is good to connect with others who do what I do, but it is also a reminder that I am connecting with those who read my blog (you!). Once I get that comments section to show up at the end of each post (I am working on it), you will be able to chime in with your question, comments and ideas. I am looking forward to experiencing some online community with you!


In community, we share – ideas, encouragement, tips, suggestions, and points of view! I met many talented designers and bloggers who are sharing their experiences and skill sets with all of us.

It was gratifying to meet some of these bloggers in person, some of whom I have been following over the years. Honestly, I was a little star-struck at first, but turns out that they are regular people who want to hear what you and I think about their blogs and are open to questions. They want to know what we are interested in how they can best address those topics.

I like the aspect of a sharing community as opposed to an all-out competition!


The speakers were inspiring! They talked about many diverse things, but a recurring theme kept cropping up - sharing one’s story. The reminder is each and every one of us has that original story we should share with others. I like that concept– we all have something to add to this world we live in. We all have an intrinsic value, whether we recognize it or not.


Part of my journey in life is telling my story through expression of design, writing, and encouragement. I think this idea of expression is true for all of us, but it will comes out in different ways. Some teach, some cook, some gather, some design, some balance or mediate. Do you already recognize your giftings and purpose?

After my experience of this conference, I am encouraged (and challenged) to step up in and into this role as a blogger. My hope (or expectation for myself) is that I will be consistent in my blogging schedule and quality of content, but most importantly to encourage others to reach for their creative self and to share it.


Just when I thought I had put in enough effort for the day, (active listening for several hours is exhausting!) I was faced with invitations to networking parties thrown by the conference sponsors. I went because the first step to playing the game is showing up, right? Well I am so glad I did because that is where the real connections happen and where the real fun began! The casual moments, the conversation and history sharing with others is where I find I grow from acquaintance to friendship with others.


Funny, but true story. It turns out my blog had been nominated for "Best New Blog" for this Design Bloggers Conference. But I had failed to read that section of the website! Clearly I didn't do any voting for any of the categories because if I had, I would have noticed my nomination! And could have lobbied you to vote for me.

No, I didn't end up winning the category, but I will say that I was very excited and thoroughly surprised to hear my name read during the announcement of the nominees for the "Hall of Fame" winners. Live and learn. . .and read the fine print! Ha!

Soon, I will be visiting Paris for the first time ever! I am beyond excited to see the sights and get some sketching done in a cafe while sipping a cafe au lait or a glass of wine. I can't wait to share those stories and photos next time I post!

Salutation - Until next time, Valerie

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