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Flowers for Sketching - (and a free printable download for you)

If you know me, you know I love sketching just about anything. I carry a small sketchbook and numerous pens and pencils in my handbag at all times. You just never know when the sketching mood or inspiration will strike!

I find sketching to be very meditative and peaceful. I tend to get lost in the moment which is great, except when you consider that I am a bit chronos challenged already!

Another aspect about sketching is that it helps me to remember things in a visual way.

Anyhow, I sketched this sweet border of flowers and now I have turned it in to a thank you note that you can download. Details to follow...

This week was the perfect time to bring some fern fronds and cut flowers in from the garden. I am thrilled to have the peonies ready to bloom, plus some calla lilies, delphiniums, and pink geraniums.

If you would like to download the printable PDF file, follow this link and use the guest area password: havprintables

If you decide to print up the downloadable thank you cards, a white or off-white cardstock would be perfect, assuming your printer can handle the heavier paper.

I'll be popping in again next week with some exciting news!

If you have any questions or comments please let me know. You can comment on Wix (you'll need to set up an access name and password), email me at or DM me on Instagram.


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