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How to Invigorate Your Space While Stuck at Home!

We are all going through this collective loss of normalcy and routine. Feeling somewhat off seems to be the new normal!


At some point we can grow tired of the familiar objects in our home and long for something new and different. At the time of this writing, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us are stuck at home looking at the same space day-after-day with no obvious end in sight.

What if you didn't need to go anywhere or spend any money to buy new items? What if you already have some objects in your home that could create renewed interest by simply moving them around?!

There is no better time to rethink how you arrange things in your space than during this uneasy time. Heck, it might even give you a much needed and positive distraction from the current situation.


Now that you are home 24/7, how are you using your space? Are you (or your partner/spouse) working from home or doing fitness workouts there? Are you a newly conscripted home-school teacher for your kids?

Think about how you are currently using your space in terms of tasks and activities. Make a list of those uses and what furniture or equipment you need for each use.

Would it be useful to create a separate work area that is away from your relaxation area?

It helps to think creatively about re-zoning your space based on the activities you do there. Some us may have multiple rooms to spread these usage zones to, while others may live in a compact apartment space.

With a little intention and by concocting a new approach to layout, simply moving around your furniture may give you the satisfaction of an improved arrangement.

By moving a desk or table into a seldom used room or ample hallway could create much needed dedicated workspace.

When my kids were small, we turned our under-stair closet into a kid office, complete with mini-desk and LED camp light. They loved it!

Whatever you choose to rearrange can easily be put back to the original placement as the stay-at-home situation eventually evolves.


What items in your home could be moved around to a new room or shelf to form new vignettes? It may be surprising how many new combinations you can come up when you start moving things around.

I often get into ruts regarding what decor items I pair. When I shake up my routines, I often discover some fun new combinations.


Before you move things around, snap a photo or two. If you don't happen to like the new look, it is easy to return things to their usual places.

Is there a special family heirloom, or two from Grandma, hiding in the china cabinet that you'd love to bring out and display? Do you have some playful knickknacks hanging around? No better time than the present to enjoy those fun and special things.

If you do some re-arranging, I would LOVE to see your before and afters!! Show off your satisfying efforts!!

Let me know how you are coping these days! After all, we are in it together, whatever this is! The best way is to send me an email or DM me on Instagram:

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