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Next Room up for Renovation is...

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

This past year included three different rooms, in our home, for renovations! Now that is a lot of construction debris and inconvenience of dislocated furniture taking over the rest of the house.

In the end it was worth all the trouble, but it is a challenging thing to live through the upheaval! No matter how organized, remodeling is always somewhat stressful, especially if you remain living in the space.

Just to recap, last October-November we renovated our powder room. Next, during January through March, 2019, we reinvented our kitchen. The most recent renovation was our home office. If you missed any of these reveals, here are the links:

I was fortunate to get some travel in the mix. I took a much needed break from all of the mess of renovation projects to do a little traveling and inspiration-seeking.

I visited Bordeaux, France before the heat wave hit and I finally got to visit Nashville but that was right in the middle of their September sweltering-and-humid heat wave!

Now that summer has turned to fall, I am getting that renovation itch again! You know what that means?! Yes, I have another design project in mind and I will tell you all about it in my next post!

For now, I will show you the room I have in mind for some reinvention.

So, now that you have seen it, what do you think? A definite YES for needing an update? There is nothing particularly wrong with this space, except it is pretty dated and does not reflect my design style.

Stay tuned for what direction I will be going with this space. Feel free to comment by email at

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one room at a time!

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CJ Johannes
CJ Johannes
29.09.2019 г.

I wondered if you would be doing this room. So excited to see what you have in mind and if there will be any inspirations from France.

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