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One Room Challenge - Week 4 -Hanging Wallpaper & Trim

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Hi friends! It is week 4 of the One Room Challenge and the progress is notable, not only in my powder room, but in all the featured and guest participants' spaces - you can check them out here:!

Our wallpaper is hung and the framing trim is painted and installed! I think it is vivid and beautiful. As a designer, I think it is absolutely fair game to make a powder room special! It is a space that can handle being a bit more visually expressive, don't you think?

Here are links to previous posts in case you want to catch up: week 1 | week 2 | week 3.

wallpaper hung and framed

I chose this floral-on-navy wallpaper online, but that can have some risks if you can't see it in person. The color and tropical vibe is what initial caught my attention. Fortunately, when it did arrive, I loved it, but I was glad I had decided to frame around wallpaper, covering large portions of two walls, but not the entirety of the walls.


One challenge to hanging this particular wallpaper is that it is unpasted, which means we needed to purchase a separate wallpaper paste and apply it to the back of the paper when we were ready to install it.

If you have never hung wallpaper before, this unpasted wallpaper is a type that I would recommend hiring a professional to install for a reduction of stress and the most pleasing final results.

When wallpapering, always enlist a buddy! That second set of hands makes the hanging, pasting, adjusting, trimming, etc. much more doable.

As always, read and follow all manufacturer instructions!

Because I had recently painted the walls, we already had a clean, uniform surface to start from. A textured surface would have required a lot more prep, but we only had to do a light sanding just to rough the surface up to take the wallpaper.

The final step before dealing with the actual wallpaper was to mark a plumb line to make sure our panels were perfectly vertical and straight. Then on to the paper - applying paste, waiting for tackiness, and then actually hanging the panel on the wall! Next it was necessary (and challenging) to smooth the paper and get out the excess paste.

I used a utility knife to trim excess material from the top and bottom of the panel, repeating with the next panel making sure the patterns matched precisely and then did it again, and on to the next wall, again and again.


I pulled the same beautiful color from the vanity to the trim. Using a miter saw we cut the painted trim pieces to frame the areas of wallpaper. We drilled pilot holes before applying Liquid Nails adhesive to the trim and then used finish nails to secure the trim on the walls while the adhesive set.

Now, it is time to get the tile backsplash installed around the vanity countertop. Once that is finished, it will be down to the final details and touch-ups!

Good news, my art piece is supposed to come in by the end of next week, so I am feeling better about that! Phew!

If you want to leave any comments, there is an official comment section on my blog page or you can always send me an email directly at Either way, I'd love to hear from you!

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