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One Room Challenge | Week Four - Painting the Powder Bath Cabinets

This time around, for the Fall 2022 One Room Challenge, we are updating our powder bath.

You can see all the other ORC projects for maximum inspiration!

These are my previous week's blog post you can find them here:

What We Completed

Finally Finalized a Paint Color for Cabinets

It's true, I finally committed to a paint color for the cabinets. The winner is officially Benjamin Moore CW-245 St. George Red. I suggested last week on the blog that it was one of my final two choices. I went with this selection as it was just slightly lighter than the other color choice.

For durability and smooth finish, I purchased an interior waterborne alkyd paint from Benjamin Moore. I have used this product for a couple other painting projects (powder bath & kitchen) involving cabinets and I am really pleased with the results.

I also picked a bonding primer to start off the whole painting process well. I had the paint store tint it to 25% of the full paint color. Having a base primer a similar color to your final color helps to camouflage those inevitable nicks and dings. A dark color paint doesn't fare so well over a white primer.

St. George Red CW 245 by Benjamin Moore

Prep Work For Cabinets, Doors, and Drawers

I removed the old cabinet hardware (brushed nickel) and hinges. I carefully labeled the hinges and the doors with their location and corresponding location so they can easily be replaced to their original spot. Hopefully I will not have to adjust the hinges too much.

Finally, I gave them a good cleaning with heavy duty cleaning wipes to remove fingerprints, dirt, and grime. It was sitting next to the register at the paint store, so sort of a last-minute impulse, but they worked well. Last time I painted cabinets I used a spray-on degreaser made for this same purpose but the wipes seemed really easy for me.

labeled doors and hardware, cleaning wipes

Sanding, Priming, Repeat

If I have learned anything about painting cabinets, a key component to the final outcome is sanding between EVERY coat of primer and paint and keeping your workspace clear of dust. I use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the dust after each sanding, changing out the cloth frequently. I also vacuum frequently to ensure there is not dust flying around and settling into the paint.

sanding and priming the cabinet doors

Installed the Faucet (THIS IS A SPONSORED PRODUCT!)

Yipee! This was an exciting installation for me. I am working with the Speakman Company for a brand partnership for this Fall 22 ORC. Thank you to Speakman for supporting my powder bath project!

Speakman, a sponsor of the One Room Challenge, selected my project and generously allowed me to choose a few items for my powder bath. The ones I chose are all in a Brushed Bronze finish from the Lura Collection designed by Clodagh!

Speakman Company faucet, towel holder, and toilet paper holder

I chose these pieces because I like the combination of the square and rounded shapes. They have an elegant look, but also feel modern. The Lura faucet comes in a couple different configurations and I preferred the simplicity of the single lever faucet.

The brushed bronze finish looks beautiful with my antique mirror. The water flows out of the spout in a flat, wide cascade.

What We Need to Do This Week

Paint Cabinets and Doors

I have a solid start with priming and sanding the cabinet, doors, and drawers, but the paint is always a little more tricky for me. Because the primer is a matte product, it is very forgiving and imperfections are simple to sand down. The paint is a satin product and has a harder finish when dry, so I tend to be a little perfectionistic in trying to get a smooth finish.

Consider a Hanging Method for Stained Glass Window

Recently, I picked up a framed stained glass window from a local estate sale. The colors blend well with the wallpaper colors and this window is a smaller size than my original inspiration.

antique stained glass window from an estate sale

Reinstall Doors, Drawers, Add Hardware

Once the paint has had a chance to dry completely, I can reinstall the doors and drawers and add the cabinet pulls. I find waiting longer to allow the paint to not only dry, but also cure has better results for the long term.

Well friends, that sums it up for this week. Check out @hillandvalleybungalow for more frequent updates and other projects.

Thanks for checking in and see you again soon for week five's update!


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