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One Room Challenge - Week Three

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Hi all! Welcome to week three of the One Room Challenge. It is getting a little crazy around here as we are now half-way thorough this challenge!

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Really, we only have a little over two and a half weeks to finish up all the work before I have the photo shoot and write my reveal blog post. Time to get moving!



Hooray, the walls are painted and the wallpaper mural is installed! We are getting a bit closer each day, but there is still so much to do.

My husband Justin and I have hung wallpaper together many times over the years, so we were up for this kind of job. We tackled it over the weekend and I am happy to report that this was the easiest wallpaper installation for us yet!

This wallpaper did not come pre-pasted although it did come with dry paste that I mixed with water. The application method was to roll the paste on the wall and apply the wallpaper to the pasted wall.

This is the first time for me trying this method and I am pleased with how it went. Another factor that made the installation easier was the wallpaper roll was only 18" wide, so not so much to wrangle while trying to match the pattern.

Before installing the wallpaper, we painted all the walls white, but left the original color behind where we would place the colorful wallpaper. We were pretty sure that the gold paint color would not show through the wallpaper. Because the new white paint was fresh, it wouldn't be ready for wallpaper to be applied for weeks so we stuck with the old paint, but sanded it down a bit to dull the sheen and help with adhesion.


Did you spot my little helper? If you have dog (or cats!), you know they are always so curious about what is going on in their house. They just want to be in the middle of it all. After our second dog came in the room a playful dog wrestling match broke out!

Any guesses as to what the wallpaper graphic represents? I am sure a number of you might come up with the answer!


The big design surprise for us this week is...we need to get new flooring. I was hoping we could cut cost by painting the sub-floor and covering it with a large area rug, but that just wasn't going to look very pleasing. The need to replace the flooring originated from an old leak at the base of the original french door (which we replaced in September 2017). Although we pulled up a section of the carpet and repaired the portion of damaged sub-floor, the carpet was stained and in poor condition.

It just didn't make sense to leave the old carpet in place when the rest of the room was getting a complete make-over. The amended plan is to install a wood-look luxury vinyl tile (LVT) to spiff up the floor and add an area rug (not yet selected) to soften up the space which will help with acoustics in the space.


I have updated a few things since my initial mood board. I have added the dark, contrasting flooring and modified the brightly colored furniture for something slightly more neutral.

I had a tough time finding an pretty desk chair that was also comfortable. I did get to test sit this one in person, though, and decided to switch it for the bright orange one from the previous mood board.

I have purchased the cocoon chair in the natural, but I am tempted to paint it turquoise or teal! What do you think? Keep it natural or paint it the vivid color? You will get to see my final plan at the week 6 reveal!


  • paint interior of French door

  • paint/sand trim for baseboards and around doors and windows

  • pick up flooring

  • Install LVT flooring

  • cut and install baseboards, door and window trim once flooring is installed

  • select/purchase an area rug

  • select a side table for the cocoon chair

  • hang the wall shelving

  • select draperies/window treatment

  • select office accessories and decor

There is quite a bit to accomplish next week in order to keep the office project moving ahead. Thanks for reading along in our design adventure! Also, I think you would enjoy viewing the other projects of the One Room Challenge!

Feel free to send me a comment by email: Or check out some photos on my Instagram feed!

See you this time next week for updates on the latest progress!

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The wallpaper is looking great! Yay for small tweaks (and Plan Bs and Plans Cs...)!

- Kayla aka Kilo Bravo

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