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One Room Challenge | Week Three Powder Bath Update

I keep reminding myself that small forward motion will get me to where I need to be by mid-November when the One Room Challenge concludes.

On the surface it seems as if not much has happened, but I do know that important changes have been completed behind the scenes. With that in mind, I am once again sharing my vision/mood board to keep my eyes on where I am going. What I have already mapped out!

In case you missed either of the previous week's blog post you can find them here:

Check here for other participants' week three updates for the One Room Challenge. Lots of wonderful things are happening in many types of rooms all over the country!

What We Completed This Past Week


The big push this week was to get the holes in the drywall patched and primed. We added new insulation to the wall cavity, cut pieces of drywall to fit, then used drywall screws to secure to wood pieces behind. Once the new drywall was secured I used mesh tape and drywall joint compound to create a flat surface. Finally, I primed it just this morning, so I am feeling much better about this part of the project being completed.

the many steps of installing drywall (and an exhaust fan)
And finally, I found an antique mirror and I am testing it out in its new powder bath home. I am hoping to find the right height before I install the wallpaper.

antique mirror in powder bath

Exhaust Fan

Additionally, my husband had the pleasure of crawling up in the attic space to install a exhaust fan. I mentioned last week, that we had already had an electrician add a switch and place the wiring where it needed to be. We were able to connect the wiring to the switch and power up the fan!

Window Film

We both spent some time searching for a window film that we actually liked in order to provide more visual privacy for the powder bath window which is just off our back deck. We visited at least two different stores to find a film that would obscure the view, but not interfere with natural light coming in. I like the "crackled glass" best because you can still see colors and blurred shapes outside, whereas most of the frosted versions completely eliminated any sense of outdoors.

providing more visual privacy by adding a window film

So, in the case that you visit and happen to use the powder bath, rest assured, there will be plenty of privacy for your visit there!

Cabinet Paint Color

I though I would be able to tell you the cabinets doors would be this color or that, but it seems that my visit to the paint store only made the choice harder for me.

The good news is that I have narrowed it down to two colors (again!). Please don't ask how many paint chips I borrowed from the paint store. They take the paint chips back, at least my local paint store does. That is as long as they are not folded or beaten up.

paint samples for consideration to compliment the wallpaper

As you can see from the photos above, the paint colors on the left side of the wallpaper sample tend to be a little more on the warm side and the paint colors on the right side of the wallpaper tend towards the cooler side.

final paint choices for cabinet color

I am fairly confident that I will be going with Benjamin Moore CW-245/St. George Red. I am using the moth in the wallpaper as my inspiration for color, plus the red-tone will be a complementary color with the greens of the foliage.

I truly hope I can make this final color choice and move on!!!

What We Will Be Doing This Coming Week


The plumbers are coming next week to work to work on on some problem ancient water feed and drain pipes in another part of the house. A little bit of the work will affect the powder bath, so I am holding off on any wallpaper installation until we are clear.

Painting Cabinets

We will also start priming and painting the cabinet bases and the doors and drawers. I am a veteran of this process as I have painted both bathroom and kitchen cabinets at our old house. That powder bath was my very first One Room Challenge project! It is a significant undertaking to sand and take great care to get a smooth and durable finish.

I guess it is back to the paint store...

See you next week for the weekly update!

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I really love the colors and the wallpaper you chose! I think it's going to be amazing!

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