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One Room Challenge - Week Two

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Hello, friends! Here we are in week two of the One Room Challenge. I am completely redesigning my home office space, with the final reveal coming up in May 2019.

You can see my post from last week if you are just joining in.


We spent the weekend sorting, throwing away, recycling or packing up all the stuff from this room. All of the contents had to be removed. Ten of the boxes belong to my adult son who will be taking one home each time he visits!


Besides clearing out the room, the big progress for this week was getting the ceiling lights installed. Besides having a recessed can light near the closet, there was previously no other overhead lighting in this room. We also did some ceiling repair once the wiring and lighting installation was complete.


We hired an electrician for this portion of the work. It would have taken us all day (or even the weekend?!) to get the wires pulled to the right location and install the remodeling boxes for the ceiling lights, but the pro had it completed in about 90 minutes. Absolutely worth the cost for us!

It makes a tremendous difference in the evening, to have this new overhead lighting. Besides, the fixtures fit my aesthetic for the space and will add so much to the overall design.


The floor plan is straight-forward with a desk and shelving storage, but I am also including a chair for my husband. When I am working with clients I aim to meet their functional design needs. In this case, it is an office space for me, but a little bit for my husband. Sometimes when I work in the evening, he likes to read (or more likely nap) in the same room. Kinda sweet, I think!


I mentioned last week that my design was inspired by some colorful sign-art that a friend made. I can't hide the fact that I love bright colors and it is evident with my room selections. And then this...


As I progressed on my design, I found this fantastic wall mural which will replace the smaller framed map that I had in my first post. I am planning a feature wall including this eye-catching wallpaper.


  • painting the ceiling and walls

  • finalize plan for and install wall-shelves

  • purchase desk chair

  • purchase husband's accent chair

  • select/purchase side table

  • select/purchase area rug

  • finalize what to do about flooring

Don't for get to check out the 20 featured designers for the ORC, the guest participants, and my ORC powder room from last fall.

That is all for now, but I will be back next week with the latest! Feel free to send me a comment by email: Or check out some photos on my Instagram feed!

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Wow, this is exciting and a lot of work! I thought the mural was the Paris street map! Love it, especially sinceI love color too. Looking forward to seeing the finished product, and wondering if you might recommend the electrition.....we also have rooms with no overhead lighting!

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