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One Room Challenge | Week Two Powder Bath Updates

Our powder bath renovation is underway and some progress has been made specifically in terms of electrical work. I have a bunch of updates to share with you!

In case you missed last week's blog post you can find it here: Week One

Check here for other participants' week two updates for the One Room Challenge. I love the inspiration I get from browsing through the many different creative ideas!

What We Completed This Past Week

A critical piece for me to finish this project on time was creating an exhaustive list of the materials and products I will need to complete the room. Additionally, I needed a clear task list broken down week by week. I am happy to say I checked off that scheduling box.

We removed the medicine cabinet and had our electrical contractor out to complete several small, but important electrical items.

First, we had them relocate the light switch from outside of the bathroom to the interior wall also adding a switch and the wiring for an exhaust fan. Next they rewired and added new junction boxes for two sconces, eliminating the single, centered light. Finally, we made the decision to have just one outlet in the tiny room, rather than having two outlets. I am happy to report the new single outlet is outfitted with a GFCI and in compliance with local building code.

powder bath in process; electrical work completed

Lighting Plans

The current sconces shown here are temporary place holders. I have some vintage lighting that I purchased at my favorite local salvage store. I need to rewire the sconces first, but that work is for another week, so stay tuned!

future sconces

My New Faucet and Coordinating Accessories

About two weeks ago I discovered that I would be sponsored for a faucet and coordinating towel bar and toilet roll holder by Speakman! They had me look through their catalog to select the style that would compliment my room design. How fun is that! Yippee!

I have completed the One Room Challenge three times already and this is the first time I have received products from an event sponsor. Thanks to Speakman, I now have some fantastic pieces to elevate my room.

This week my items were delivered and I am pretty excited to get those installed. It is like Christmas came early for me.

sponsored faucet and accessories from Speakman's Lura Collection

Cabinet Hardware Selected for the Project

I selected and purchased new cabinet hardware this week. I like how this cabinet pull repeats the angular and circular shapes of the faucet. I just hope I picked the best finish to work with the faucet color. I will see once those cabinet pulls arrive next week.

It is a little deviation from my original mood board showing a traditional brass pull. Since I am using several traditional elements, I want to mix in some motifs that speak a more modern language to ensure that my space doesn't become too precious.

cabinet hardware to coordinate with faucet

What We're Doing This Coming Week

My next steps are to add some framing in the gap so I can add insulation and wallboard to the big hole. I will also need to repair the drywall where the old light and outlets used to be.

I will finalize the paint color for the vanity and wall cabinets plus the ceiling and trim. I initially had the idea of using a brick red for the cabinets and have now narrowed it down to a couple of options that will coordinate with the wallpaper.

paint color options to coordinate with wallpaper

There are several colors to consider that would work well, so it makes for a difficult decision. My biggest considerations are the tone (how warm or cool) and how dark or light of a color to use. Off I go to the paint store to see what I can find!

See you next week for the week three update!


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