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One Room Challenge: Update my Powder Bath!

I am back! It's time again for the One Room Challenge! Actually, that would be we are back because I always have tons of help from my husband in our renovation endeavors.

Our current residence is 102 years old, a Craftsman bungalow built in 1920. This house has had several modifications over that century and the powder bath is begging for an update.

This semi-annual event was started by Linda Weinstein of Calling It Home and this year's media sponsor is Apartment Therapy. The design challenge is eight weeks in duration and gives a forum for of participants to make over a space in their home alongside hundreds of other participants. It is amazing to see all the transformations over those weeks! You can see all the current participants here at the One Room Challenge blog. It is more of a community of designers, influencers, and DIYers than a competition.

Over that last few years I have participated in the ORC three times for a primary bedroom, a powder bath, and a home office - all were in our former residence that we lived in until 2020.

If you are not previously familiar with me, I am Valerie of Hill and Valley Bungalow. I have practiced interior design and am an old-home renovation enthusiast.

Today's post is showing our starting point. It is a tiny powder bath just off the kitchen. It is a vital little room and I am excited to have it become something I am proud to have guest use.

Join with me on the journey of our new powder bath unfolding.

The Before Photos...

this tiny doorway leads to a tiny, rather plain powder bath

the sink and a single window that looks out to the back yard and deck

toilet and storage cabinet

What We Are Changing and What We Are Keeping

Most practically, we are keeping the layout the same. There really isn't anywhere to go with the layout in this small of a space. It is a compact 40" wide by 71" long - yes you read that right - less than 4' x 6'! (I joke that it's a bathroom that you can get up from the toilet then immediately wash your hands in the sink!)

powder bath layout

One thing this powder bath has going for it is a ton of storage with the sink cabinet and the over-toilet cabinet. We keeps all sorts of things here like extra toilet tissue, first aid kit, and various health and beauty aids. We are definitely keeping the cabinetry and the current tile flooring.

powder bath mood board

What we are changing is the light fixture from a single fixture to two sconces. For that aspect, we will hire an electrician rewire for the double sconces and eliminate one of the outlets and update it to be a legitimate GFCI receptacle to comply with local electrical code. Right now the outlets are not truly grounded.

We will be adding a new mirror, faucet, towel bar and toilet tissue bar - all in gold tones. We will install wallpaper and paint the sink cabinet and toilet cabinet a new vibrant color and select new hardware.

We will also be doing something about the small window that looks out on the back yard and back deck. The transparency of the window kind of freaks out our guests because it has a view into the back yard. Nobody can actually see in the powder bath from the back deck unless they are intentionally trying to see in through the window, but it needs a window covering of some sort to put our guests at ease!!

I would call my design approach vintage meets modern which is a combination of finding or reusing existing or vintage elements to update and renovate and thoughtfully adding new items and elements.

Looking Ahead, we have seven weeks to get these changes implemented. I look forward to having a beautiful space for not only ourselves, but a place for guests to use as well! Don't forget to view the other participants amazing projects!


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