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The DIY Laundry Room Reno - Current Progress

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Early July, we began our laundry room renovation. Located on the second floor, it is convenient to where the bulk of laundry is generated in our home. One drawback is that it is in the middle of the house, so there is no window or natural light. One could say that the room is less than inspiring.

Although it is a functional type of room, and I am typically the primary person using it, I decided that creating a special place could potentially make the chore of laundry more pleasant. A few thoughtful details can go a long way!

Below is an image of where we are heading with the design:

Mood board for Laundry Room Reno

We are doing this renovation in the DIY style, so although we got off to a fairly quick start, we have slowed down a bit.

Most everything has either been ordered and is either due for delivery soon or is already sitting in our "staging area" (also know as our bonus room) waiting for attention and installation. We are glad to have the tiling of the floor now complete, but there is still so much to do!

In the meantime, I thought I would share with you where this room started and what it looks like right now.

Here is the BEFORE shot - clearly functional but lacking any character.

As you can see (from the above photo), the room is outfitted with inexpensive, generic, builder-grade materials from the year 2000 - the vinyl flooring, plastic utility sink, cabinets, and plastic laminate countertop.

Here is the present state of the laundry room:

Here are some tools of the trade for the tile-setting process: wet tile saw, impervious moisture barrier, mortar, trowels, tile spacers and tile.

Here is the list of what work remains to be done:

  • apply a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling and non-wall covering walls

  • hang the wall covering

  • Install cabinet, and apron front sink, and faucet

  • cut to size and install butcher block counter tops

  • hang the new shelving and clothing rod

  • wiring and installation of new light fixture

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks, we will be finished and have the AFTER photos to show you! Stay tuned!


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