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The Re-imagined Bedroom of a Teen Girl

You've probably heard the ancient adage, "The only thing constant is change" (Heraclitus, c. 500 B.C.). In the land of design and decoration, I got to experience it first-hand.

a new and improved space

My oldest daughter (17 years old) recently revealed to me that she was no longer enjoying the color choice of her youth. A mere three years ago, she had chosen hot pink and a vivid turquoise blue to decorate her room, but alas, this color scheme was no longer in favor with this maturing teen. (See BEFORE photos below)

Scroll through the BEFORE make-over photos, hot pink and turquoise walls

I will admit I was not expecting a request for a change in such a short period of time, but three years to my daughter represented a significant change in her maturity and preferences. So here we go with a story of change!

a more grown up space for a teen girl

Updating and re-imagining this space involved a combination of re-painting the walls a creamy white (Sherwin-Williams SW 7116 A La Mode), bringing in new pieces, but also reusing or re-purposing some old ones.

We didn't have a large budget for this, so we had to watch how our money was spent as we implemented our daughter's wishes for her evolving space.

One of my daughter's favorite pieces is the faux fur and acrylic stool (priced under $60 at TJMaxx). Of course you always need that fun or off-beat little find to add some whimsy or charm to a space!

New bedding, pillows and wall art add sophistication

adding sophistication with new bedding, headboard, decorative pillows, and wall art

For instance, we invested in a new upholstered headboard (, wall art (Homegoods), stool, and new bedding. The quilted coverlet (Target) and embroidered pillow (World Market) create a more sophisticated look in contrast with the former pink and white striped duvet cover.

The multi-colored pillow and abstract wall art serve to unify the color palette of grays, turquoise, pink, white and orange. I follow the idea that unity and variety create a sense of harmony.

A place that we saved money was in re-using her existing dresser. This simple pine piece originates from around 1975 from JCPenney. It was purchased by my parents as part of their bedroom furniture, passed on to me when they upgraded, then finally passed on to my daughter.

a painted pine dresser with glass and antique brass drawer pulls

A couple years ago we spiffed up the old dresser by painting the body white and the drawers a vivid color of turquoise. This time around we simply upgraded the hardware. We found inexpensive glass and brass drawer knobs (World Market) that had good texture and shape. Adding the new hardware elevated the dresser from ordinary to special.

Decorative accessories help to finish the space

the study area for a teen girl

In the desk/study area we again combined new and used pieces. The desk and bookshelf, and desk lamp are "vintage" from her older brother's room. The chair is new and was on sale (White Molded Evie Chair from World Market).

A key element in adding sophistication to the room was the draperies. An instructor from my design program once said that draperies are like jewelry when dressing a room. I am a believer! If you look back at the before photos without draperies, you will see the difference!

Who doesn't love a cute dog in a tie?  Wall art

Who doesn't love a cute dog in a tie? Wall art for dog lovers

Just to the right of the dresser we hung a sweet canvas print of a dog. My daughter is a lover of pets, especially dogs. When we ran across this piece at Homegoods, it was as good as sold! Funny thing, we found this art unexpectedly in the pet section of the store - you just never know where you will find a gem. And if you don't think a photo of a dog is sophisticated, may I remind you that he is wearing a tie!

my teen daughter enjoying a room that fits her style

This space is all for my girl - just look at that smile! It took several months for all the pieces to finally fall into place, but she was patient and it was all worth it in the end...

Do you have a space in mind for updating? Please email me with any comments or questions you may have!

Until next time, Valerie

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