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Art Inspires!

Updated: Nov 25, 2019


Sometimes we run across something that just catches our eye! Well, this little gem caught mine. It was exactly the combination of colors that I was hoping to introduce to my home.

After several years earning my interior design degree and then working full time, my own home had become a bit stale. All that time and effort working on others' projects left little time for my own place. Time for some change! Come on - an interior designer needs to convey some aesthetic style in his or her own home, right? RIGHT!

Aiming for a more cohesive color scheme throughout the house, I was looking for a way to bring it all together. I discovered this canvas art print at one of my favorite local furniture and decor shops - Heartland Interiors and Design in Country Village in the greater Seattle area.

The perfect spot for this turns out to be my entry area as a way to introduce my color scheme and vibe. Now that I have my inspiration, I will soon be sharing the result. Stay tuned...


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