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Patina Inspired Entryway | Week Two

Welcome back for Week Two of the One Room Challenge and media partner apartment therapy

In the past week I have received some tile samples for our entryway flooring, but I still haven't found the final one. Here is a look at some I have considered:

neutral color tile samples
cross and star porcelain tile

I like the idea of the porcelain tiles (above) for the low-maintenance and durability. Below are clay tiles that are more rustic and beautiful, but they are porous and would need sealing, leading to more maintenance.

warm-tone tile samples
star and cross clay tile

I will need to paint the walls and ceiling of the entryway. Hopefully we will tackle this task before we do any tile work.

paint samples
paint samples for entryway walls

I am going to replace the ceiling light with something new and for now we have removed the old square light fixture and have filled in the void with new drywall, taped and mudded. There is still more to finish up here with sanding, before we can paint, but at least the repair has been completed.

Scroll through below to see the change so far.

That is what we completed this week and we'll be checking in soon for the latest updates!



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