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One Room Challenge | Week Seven - Design Details

As the great American designer and architect Charles Eames expressed, "The details are not the details, they make the design."

Encouraged by the details bringing this project together we can't wait to complete our powder bath re-do!

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Here are the quick links to see what happened at our house in the past weeks:

What We Completed This Week

Installing the Towel Bar and (Someday) the Toilet Roll Holder

The beautiful towel bar (my sponsored product from Speakman) installation took longer than anticipated because our wall is not straight - what do I expect with a 100 year old house, right? Right!

With that in mind, we had to use some shims behind one of the brackets in order to get it just right. I used a level so that was all good. Once the shims were in place, the installation was easy!

brushed bronze Lura towel bar

As for the toilet paper holder (also a sponsored product from Speakman), I have been considering one of two places for it to live. Neither option is ideal. (Remember tiny bathroom) The traditional placement near the toilet is more aesthetically pleasing but awkward to reach and closer to the vanity is in a more ergonomically correct position but looks cluttered so close to the vanity. I am probably going to place it next to toilet tank, but stay tuned!

brushed bronze Lura toilet paper holder location options

Re-installing the Mirror and Debating the Wall Sconce Choice

After we wallpapered the room, it gave me an opportunity to hang the mirror to a slightly better height.

Having the mirror hung on the new wallpaper and next to the temporary sconces gave me pause. The temporary sconces are much more simple than the vintage sconces and they may actually work better with the busy botanical pattern of the wall covering and the ornate detail of the mirror frame. I think the brass details on my vintage sconces would get lost in the walIpaper pattern. I have a few days left to deliberate this before I need to decide before I get photos!

wall sconce choices (simple or more ornate)

Sometimes I get inspirations for house projects and design work at the very beginning, but then I don't always end up using them. I like to think of design as being flexible and that there are many paths of solution to a design problem. When design elements change, I think it is just part of the process often resulting in an improved outcome.

What We Need to Do This Week

Getting the Photos Taken!

It is definitely the home stretch and I am looking forward to this project coming to a close! I need to dig out the old camera, wide angle lens and the tripod and figure out how to get some great shots in this tiny little space!

See you next week for my powder bath reveal!

Don't forget to visit our event creator @oneroomchallenge and media sponsor @apartmenttherapy to see design inspiration!




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