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One Room Challenge | Week Six - Wallpaper is Happening!

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Our powder bath received a major boost this week with the addition of beautiful wallpaper. What a positive impact it makes!

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What We Completed This Week

We Took a Little Trip!

Before deciding to do the One Room Challenge we had planned a trip visit family and to see Disneyland decked out in its Halloween finest. So, off we went!

It was a great time to take a break, but I knew we would have a lot to get back to!

a quick visit to Disneyland

Painting the Cabinet Doors and Drawers, Ceiling and Fan Cover

I had already primed and painted the cabinets but only primed the doors and drawers before we took our trip to California. It was now time to get the doors painted!

I tend to paint cabinets by first rolling the paint on with a 1/4" nap roller then follow up with a good brush. I also use Benjamin Moore Advance paint since it is a waterborne alkyd paint. What I like about this product is that it is cleanable with soap and water when it is fresh and then it dries and holds up like an oil based product. (I buy my own paint, nothing sponsored)

sanded and painted cabinet doors | painted ceiling and fan cover

My Fortunate Wallpaper Find

My botanical print wallpaper was a single roll and remnant of pre-pasted wallpaper that I was able to purchase at an architectural salvage store. I bought it back in June this year on a gut feeling that it would be enough to cover the walls of this powder bath. I immediately liked the pattern and knew it was a good quality paper.

I feel quite fortunate that my feeling was correct. We had just enough to to make this work! Normally the paper is expensive at $275 per roll, but I got the roll and remnants for under $200. If I had been buying this from the start, I would have bought 2 or three rolls. With the amount I had, I would have to be very efficient in order to make it work.

Included in my purchase was an unopened roll that was 24" wide by 30' long plus four 4' pieces and one 13' piece. Because this pattern has an 18" repeat, I did not have to waste a lot in order to match up the pattern for each panel.

The other fortunate bit is that the room is only 6'-8" tall and behind the toilet is a tall bank of cabinets, so the full roll and remnant went a long way!

wallpaper roll and remnant from architectural salvage store

Prepping for Wallpaper and Hanging the Wallpaper

Using the height measurement of the room, I wrote out the size I needed for each panel.

Next, I precut the panels, ensuring that I had pattern matches from side to side and an extra two inches to trim off at the top and bottom of each panel.

I used a pieced of blue painter's tape to label the panel progression so I would know which piece to grab next.

My husband got his laser level out for me to mark a starting point for the first panel.

I won't sweeten up my experiences hanging wallpaper. Unless you are a professional and do this every day, wallpaper hanging is challenging, detail oriented, and often frustrating!

We have done this many times and each experience and type of wallpaper is completely different. Trimming around windows, outlets and switches while holding up and smoothing out the paper - all with a limited amount of time - can be tricky.

process and tools for prepping wallpaper hanging

I like process so I thought I would show you several photos of the panels going up. Those two small panels behind the toilet were particularly difficult for me as the toilet is quite tight into the corner and backs up to the wall very snugly!

What We Need to Do This Week

Now that the wallpaper is installed, I am feeling like we are in pretty good shape. Some of the things that come to mind of tasks to do is to get the cabinet hardware installed plus install the toilet paper holder and towel bar. The mirror needs to be re-hung. I need to get everything cleaned up and get my accessories collected, purchased and put into place.

I also need to decide whether to keep the current sconces (I have grown to like what was intended to be temporary) or rewire and install the vintage sconces I have.

Once all that is done, it will be time to photograph the space. This is something I am planning to do myself and maybe get a little advice from my son who is into photography! The final reveal for all One Room Challenge projects will be November 16-20, so not much time is left!

What We Have Reconsidered

At one point, I was going to hang a stained glass window in the window for additional privacy and a point of interest, but I have changed my mind regarding that. The wallpaper is fairly dense and busy that the stained glass seems to compete with the pattern and turns out to not be necessary.

That is the beauty of design is that it is never final and things can be edited or omitted when needed to enhance the overall design.

I hope you all have a good week and see you next time!


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