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One Room Challenge | Week 1 | Master Bedroom

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Hello! Welcome to the 2019 fall season of the One Room Challenge. This is a six week challenge to inspire and encourage participants to, "share the process of transforming a room."

This is my third time as a guest participant and I can hardly wait to do this again! The challenge helps to create a community of people who have an interest or affinity for design and decor. Each round is fun to follow along to see what kinds of design ideas everyone will imagine and execute.


This time around I have chosen our master bedroom as our project. When my husband and I first decorated this space we were into boldly painted accent walls and apparently we also adored impressionism art and heavily gilded decor. (As you scroll through the images, you will see what I mean!)

The scheme worked for us at the time, but I am not longer loving it in 2019. Back then, I really liked the dark purple, but now it just seems too dark. Funny how tastes can change over time and mine certainly have!

Some of the furniture we purchased ourselves and much of it has been handed down to us by various relatives. We do plan to keep the oak Mission style bed. It is a solid and quality piece of furniture and it gives me the challenge of how to incorporate this piece with a more casual and playful vision.

master bedroom BEFORE


The room has several challenges that I will address photo by photo. The first challenge is how to best handle this slanted portion of wall and ceiling (photo above) that follows the roof line. Regarding the long slanted surface, it has always been a mystery to me as to what should be called wall and what is ceiling. In the land of purple, we decided it would be wall, but I think this is what contributed to the room feeling dark.

master bedroom BEFORE


The second challenge is the size of the room. As you can see, it is pretty large (generally 12' wide by 19' long - not including the entry space). We never actually needed this much space for our bedroom, but here it is.

One feature we do like in the room is the wooden shutters with the wide blades. The shutters we will be keeping. I loved them when we selected them years ago and I still do.

master bedroom BEFORE

master bedroom BEFORE - strange alcove


Here is that third challenge of this strange little entry area between the hallway and the main part of our bedroom. This odd part of the room has never had a real purpose, besides being a BIG space for a doorway and place for a dresser.

master bedroom BEFORE

Here is another example of a heavy gold frame and more gold accessories. I think the overall vibe of the current room situation is too formal and a lot outdated.

master bedroom BEFORE


Somewhere between the classics and modern design is where we aim for the newly imagined master. A little bit of history mixed in with some playful elements and pattern. Here is a mood board I created to guide my vision and to help keep the implementation consistent. My inspiration for this eclectic project is inspired partly from a visit to the mid-century town of Palm Springs but also from a trip to southwestern France. Both trips took place this year and most of the imagery I have in my mood board below are from photos I took.

I am looking to combine vibrant, nature-inspired tones of earth and sky with modern lines and patterns. All of this and infused with the playfulness of water we go!

Memory & Modern mood board

That is it for this week on the blog. Next week I will have some specific furniture and items that can make the space become what I hope for.

Keep watch on Instagram for progress, dilemmas, decisions, and such on and email any questions or comments to I always love hearing from you!


For anyone new to my blog, I've included a couple photos below and also links to my past ORC Room Reveals:


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