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One Room Challenge - Week One

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Welcome back, friends! Maybe there are some new friends following along too?! Welcome all!

Well, it is that time of year. Once again, I am joining in on the One Room Challenge as a guest participant!

If you are just hearing about the ORC for the first time, it is a six week design challenge to complete a entire room during that time. It began in 2011 and has been running biannually since then. It is not a contest per se, but two guest participants will be selected by ORC and Better Homes and Gardens to be featured designers for the upcoming fall 2019 ORC!

You may recall my first time in the ORC, fall 2018, when I designed and implemented a powder room. That was a ton of fun and I came out of it with a gorgeous new space!

I love a good design project and all the better when you can improve your home and give it new purpose and life! My husband and I are constantly working on different areas of our home and what better way to complete a project than with all the encouragement and inspiration from the other ORC participants.


The room I currently need the most inspiration and change is my home office! It has been used as a combination guest room/office during our years living here. Since I now have a spare room upstairs that can be used as a guest room, I can dedicate this room to be a home office.

Ready to see the current state of my home office? It isn't pretty, but here it is:


The room has great light, with French doors and a window, so it will make a fantastic work space! For those who have been reading my blog for a while, those shelves on the floor belong in the kitchen - they are just waiting to be installed!

As you can see, this space is not a very cozy guest room (just ask my mother-in-law) so there will be no loss in switching the function to be my home office.

The desk we have in there now is way to small to be very useful. I find myself floating into the kitchen to do office tasks, but that ends up cluttering our family space.

The room is a good size - 9'-6" x 14'-10". It also has a closet and some built in shelving, so that will be useful for storage and organization.


My inspiration for this project has been percolating for about a year. I tend to collect bits and pieces of art that I ponder for a while until I decide how to use them. For the office design, the inspiration came from a map and a few pieces of sign-art that a friend made.

Below are some other inspirational images for the direction of my home office. The first image is from Dabito/Old Brand New featured in Better Homes and Gardens and one of the featured designers for this ORC! I like the flexibility of this shelving because you can move it around as you desire.

The second inspiration is from a website featuring 50 modern office designs. Right now I am researching my best options for creating wall display and storage for the office space, but will hopefully make my final decision soon!


I plan to have a desk and storage/display shelf area, an art easel, and a small lounge area.

Aside from hiring an electrician to run the wires and install the new lighting, the majority of work will be executed by my husband and me!

  • empty the room of its contents

  • electrician to install overhead lights

  • repair holes in ceiling and paint

  • paint walls (color to be finalized to coordinate with wall mural)

  • finalize plan for wall-desking and storage system

  • order remaining furniture items for design

I am thankful to have you along for the journey!

That is all for now, but I will be back next week with the latest! Feel free to send me a comment by email: Or check out some photos on my Instagram feed!

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