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Seize the Shiny Spring Day - and maybe some iced tea

Flowers, apples, iced tea on table

time to get outside - our patio table with iced tea

On Friday, the optimism of sunshine launched the weekend. For residents of the perpetually drizzly Pacific Northwest, that is a big deal!

That morning, my friend Heather posted a screen shot of the weather forecast - sunny on Friday, rain Saturday and Sunday - adding the caption "carpe diem" to emphasize the importance of basking in this glowing weather while we had the chance. You just never know...

Yes, in the Seattle area, if there is sun you drop everything and get yourself outside. You may even see the really enthusiastic wearing shorts. If it is over 55 degrees and the sun is present anything outdoors-y goes!

Something about the full presence of the sun helps me to feel more energetic and I don't think I am alone in that sentiment. It really boosts my mood. How about you? Do you sense a difference between a sunny day and a cloudy one?

With the sunshine in full force, I thought it would be a good time to get out of the house. I took the dogs for a walk, opened the windows, cleaned off the patio table to recreate outside and share some iced tea with my girls. You get the idea - I was doing whatever I could involving the out-of-doors before it all changed for the worse!

I have been thinking a lot, lately, about this concept of carpe diem. My March trip to Paris with the hubby was greatly inspired by the idea. My impulse to get outside on that sunny day was also carpe diem at work.

What exactly is carpe diem, you ask? It is literally "pluck the day" but according to good old Webster online, "it's usually translated as 'Seize the day'". You could go as far as to say that it is something to live by for some (a life philosophy), but I think of it as striving to not miss a golden opportunity.

Sometimes we miss opportunities because of a sense of inconvenience, procrastination, or even fear. When I feel like I want to resist these opportunities, I am beginning to ask myself why I am willing to skip or avoid the occasion or possibility.

It doesn't have to be a sunny day to make the most of an opportunity. Come rain or come shine - carpe diem!


(serves 2)

2-3 tea bags, herbal fruit tea (my favorite is Celestial Seasonings Black Cherry)

8 ounces water, boiling

2 cups of ice, ice for glasses

granulated sugar or other sweetener

In a heat-resitant mug, pour boiling water over the tea bags and let steep for 5 minutes. Remove tea bags and pour steeped tea over 2 cups of ice. When the ice has melted, pour into 2 ice filled 12 ounce glasses.

Add sugar as desired. Enjoy, outdoors in the sunshine, if possible!

As I write this on Sunday afternoon, I confirm that the weather forecast was correct. Friday was brilliant and wonderful, the rest of the weekend - meh!

Thanks for taking the journey with me. I hope you have a wonderful week! Email me with your thoughts or comments!

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